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About (Me).

Who's Behind IMAGENCY?

Enter: Imogen.

Alright, pull up a seat, and let's spill some digital tea.

Back in the stormy 2020, right when COVID was doing its unsolicited world tour, yours truly saw a glittering online realm that brands just had to be part of. Enter IMAGENCY, born from a fierce need to catapult brands into the vast virtual skies. How fierce, you ask? Let’s just say I transformed a humble cookie brand into a six-figure sensation in just a twirl around the sun. 

A Little Brand History (and a Dash of Humble Pie)

Okay, a little blast from the past - originally, IMAGENCY went by, ahem, 'Imogen Digital'. I know, I know! Could I be any more obvious with my name game? But hey, growth means letting go of some things while keeping that essence intact. So, while the name's had a glow-up, the ambition and fiery spirit? That’s all OG Imogen.

Since then, my curiosity led me to dabble in, well, just about everything. I locked IMAGENCY's doors for a hot sec to play in the big leagues – a super-secretive global corp job. Why secretive? Blame those snazzy NDAs. 

Fancying another challenge, I then dipped my toes into celeb waters, becoming the ghost behind a certain star's shine. It was all jazz hands and confetti cannons, and while it was a blast with a stellar squad, it wasn't my forever dance.

With a cocktail of experience – I'm fueled and ready for the next concoction. 


IMAGENCY's mission? To levitate your brand to dazzling, dizzying heights.




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